Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Swatches

Some colours that have caught my eye during the week...

...most certainly inspired by the beautiful autumnal colours that have taken over the New England region these past few weeks.

This is the last autumn I will see here in Armidale as we are moving to the coast!  A new location and a new beginning which is very exciting.  Although it will be sad to leave the current (and first) Skein studio, the new space is very inspiring with lots of light, hopefully I'll have some pictures to share next week.

Something else that caught my eye...

Photo courtesy of
 stripespolkadots (ravelry)

...Owl Puffs (original pattern here).  So cute, and the perfect size to try out some Fair Isle knitting patterns, I can see quite a few of these little fellows adorning my new creative space.


Amanda Perkins said...

That first color swatch is divine. Best of luck with your move!

Em said...

How exciting! Hope your move goes smoothly for you :)